"Quanta...like spit in the dust of a baseball field" - Cody

May 01, 2003

ARRGGHHHHHH!!! (One of those days.)

Today is the day of bad voodoo. I must have pissed off someone with magic powers, or maybe someone at the Psychic Institute, cuz it all came back to me today. Nothing life threatening, mind you, just generally annoying. I'll put them in list format, cuz I know that html tag.

  1. A sliver of glass finds its way into my shoe and enters my toe.
  2. I step in dog shit and the smell follows me all day.
  3. Today is the first of the month, which means I got a present from a parking official.
  4. I discover student loans from the year I wasted at NYU totaling $6,000. I win!
  5. A jury summons. How nice! And ooh, bonus! It's scheduled for a day I'm supposed to be in Palm Springs.

I'm a fairly gentle person, but today I'm itching for a fight. Any takers?

Posted by cbsisco at May 1, 2003 06:07 PM

You're on! I'll meet you for cocktails at 5pm, we'll get all drunk and take it to the streets! You're going DOWN, Biotch! ;)

Posted by: Kristina at May 2, 2003 09:55 AM