May 29, 2006

Beer Bust at the Pilsner at 4 PM, Sunday, June 4th

Come meet my softball team, the Pilsner Pups. See photos here.

Also, if you're one of those people who likes an eVite, then get it here.

The fun starts at 4 PM on Sunday, June 4th at the Pilsner at 225 Church Street, near the intersection with Market Street. We'll have jello shots, a raffle, a beer bust and boys, boys, boys!!!

Your debauchery will help raise money for tournaments where we will represent San Francisco against other West Coast teams.

This weekend we were the last San Francisco team standing in our division before we lost to a Portland team. We plan on a rematch with them in their home town and are raising money to help us get there.

We are accepting, encouraging and extorting donations that we can raffle off. Send me a message if you want to donate a bottle of wine, sports equipment, naughty movies or other prizes.

If you are more of a spectator, that's okay too! Just show up and party with the Pups!

Cody Sisco
Manager, Pilsner Pups

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March 25, 2006

Huge Pot Bust in the East Bay

This is a trip. Imagine marijuana cultivation was legal. Beyond just growing and selling buds of the plant, which would be enormously profitable by itself, how else might you profit off of stoners? How would you "add value" to your operation?

A crime ring of at least 12 east bay men, including former College Park High School students, figured that one out. Beyond professionalizing their pot growing operation, requiring employees to punch timecards and installing the latest technology in grow laps and air filtration, these men hit on a brilliant idea:

Pot candy.

Seriously, they made suckers, candy bars, and sodas with high amounts of THC. They even branded the products with names such as KeefKat, PotTarts and Toke-a-Cola.

Check it out:

CBS5 article and newscast

SFGate Article

Inside Bay Area article

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December 01, 2005

Post-Gobble Day Laugh Out Loud Funny

Turkey Hilarity!

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November 30, 2005

One Step Closer to the American Dream

The tenancy-in-common logjam at City Hall may be about to give way. Legislation that appears very close to being approved by the Board of Supervisors would modify the condominium conversion lotter so that half of the winners, 100 units, will be determined based on seniority rather than a random draw. As a resident in the oldest TIC still in the lottery, this means we would be all but guaranteed to start the conversion process in February. This will involve substantial investment of time working with the Department of Public Works and money upgrading the building and performing maintenance. But in the end, it will mean much more financial stability for Jay and I.

It's not a sure bet that the legislation will pass when it comes before the full board on Tuesday, December 6, 2005. But the compromise that has been reached with tenants advocates, which restricts the seniority pool to only buildings that have not evicted vulnerable tenants, has won us enough votes from the Board of Supervisors. So it's a step forward.

Unfortunately, there's some very wrong-headed legislation that has been introduced that would place a moratorium on condo conversions and and there is another piece of legislation that would require all conversion to be approved by the Board of Supervisors. Both of those policies would introduce serious, significant and abusive hurdles into a process that already more convoluted than most people can understand.

So one step forward, and perhaps two steps back.

For the SF Examiner's coverage, which quotes Jay Fennelly, click here.

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November 09, 2005

All of Arnold's Initiatives Go Down in Flames

I have to admit it, I'm a voting junkie. You say "ELECTION," I say "smells good." Just the other day, Jay told me, paraphrasing from NPR:

"for the educated, voting is a Pavlovian response--we're programmed to feel responsibility for voting. It's not an instinct, it's not innate, we're taught that this is what is required of us as citizens."

That description fits me perfectly. I've been following the politics behind the raft of ballot measure that Californians faced this November, and while I strongly supported and opposed a number of them, my overall reaction was: Dude, this is not my job!

I'm all for certain aspects of direct democracy and I think large policy direction questions should go to the voters. For example, good ballot initiatives would read:

Should the death penalty exist in California?
Shall the income tax be gradually replaced by pollution taxes?
Shall the right to choose to marry another person be guaranteed to every individual?
Shall abortion be legal?

These are large policy questions that only the people of a sovreign state can answer for themselves. The ballot initiatives we were asked to pass were much more about how policies are implemented. Take the worst example, Proposition 80, the language for this initiative was so confusing that I'm sure most people had no idea what they were voting "no" about.

We've reached a point of disfunction in our state that the legislature stalemates with itself every year on a budget. Compromise and negotiation are hard to find. Something needs to change.

The election just a few days ago sent a clear signal to the Governor and the legislature: these are problems that elected officials must fix, not the general populace. The clear message: It's time for California's politicians to do their jobs!

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