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June 08, 2004

God, I Love Harper's Magazine

The following quote appeared in the April 2004 edition of Harper's Magazine. It is an exerpt from Grand Canyon: A Different View, a book which is sold in National Park Service gift shops and that details, defends and promotes a creationist version of the Grand Canyon's origins.


Many in the secular and Christian worlds have claimed that the Flood described in the Bible was just a local even (or even a myth). However, the God of the Bible made a covenant between Himself and the earth. He promised that whenever a rainbow appeared, it would be a reminder that He would never again bring such a flood on the earth. If Noah's flood was just a local event, then it means that God breaks His promise every time a flood occurs somewhere on the earth.

I love how this paragraph reads like a logic test. Is there a biblical equivalent to the LSAT or GMAT that requires you to abandon reason when He is involved? How large can a flood be before it means that God has broken his rainbow promise? (Answer: His promises are unbreakable; if you think he has broken a promise, then you probably didn't understand what the promise was.)

It's almost like the faith that some people instill in our modern day leaders. As they were parading ex-President Reagan's body through the street, I thought about how Eva Peron's corpse was worshipped in Argentina as an idol, and I can tell you, we are in for some deep trouble, my friends.

Posted by cbsisco at June 8, 2004 06:57 PM

What? A Reagan Musical?

Don't cry for me Simi Valley
The truth is you're stuck in traffic,
All through your weekdays,
A smog-filled existence,
Fill up your Hummer,
Arnold's insistence.

or maybe...

Don't cry for me Ollie North,
The truth is I lied to Congress,
About Iran-Contra,
I claimed to know zero,
You took the fall,
Now I'm a hero.

Posted by: Jay at June 9, 2004 10:30 PM

Ah, that's incredibly funny! I forget what I was watching, but I really liked this one line I heard about how religious people take the weakest part of their argument, their faith, and turn around and pretend like it's the strongest argument possible for any situation. No matter what, you can't make a dent because they have faith that they're right. I wish I could do that. Go around doing and saying anything I want because I have faith that I'm absolutely right. Sadly, my ego is not that strong.

Posted by: Kristina at June 10, 2004 07:02 AM