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July 02, 2003

Pivotal Sandra Day...

is tangential to this post.

It's a mere 8 hours before Jay and I fly to New York. We'll be visiting his parents in New Jersey, attending a black tie wedding on Long Island, and enjoying the lush pillows and bed at the Westin in Manhattan. But really the wedding is the core reason for the trip. We had to rent tuxedos from a shop that mainly caters to high school students.

Picking a tuxedo reminded me of Junior Prom. Kristina was my date. So many years ago. Well, about five. I guess it's not that long ago in the cosmic scheme of things, but it's a ocean full of seconds.

It also reminded me of the GQ contest, and our friend Ashley who won by drilling a hole in his hand. That man has guts.

By the way, there's an interesting article in the New York Times about the Supreme Court's voting record. Give it a read if you've got a few minutes. One of the main points is how pivotal O'Connor has been in deciding split cases. To sum up her voting record in a simplistic way, I would compare her to a female Republican legislator who lives in Walnut Creek or Danville. I once did a biographical report on Justice O'Connor. I think she is from Arizona. The article has much more interesting information about her. Enjoy it.

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